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Dentist and Patient Discussion - Teeth Alignment  in Avalon, NJ
Braces can be an effective solution for those slightly crooked teeth, but the look of brackets and wires may cause hesitation. If you want a straighter line of pearly whites but want to avoid the hassle and appearance of metal braces, consider Invisalign® aligners.

At Sunshine Dentistry near Avalon, NJ, we can fit you with quality Invisalign® aligners so you can get the look you want without the extra hardware.

Comfortable, Hassle-Free Tooth Realignment

Braces have been around for many years, but if your teeth have a minor misalignment, Invisalign® aligners can be a better option. Unlike metal braces, you won't have to worry about flossing and brushing around brackets and wires, and you don't have to monitor what you eat. The smooth plastic of the aligners also allows a comfortable fit without the pull and poke of metal hardware.

Invisalign® aligners can easily be removed for cleaning, and they can straighten your teeth without being noticed. You can smile freely without feeling self-conscious about your appearance.
Friendly, Accommodating Staff in Avalon, NJ

We understand that visiting the dentist can be stressful, and we're dedicated to giving our patients a comfortable, safe experience. Whether we're fitting your teeth for Invisalign® aligners or providing a routine cleaning, our helpful team will ensure you're both happy and healthy under our care.

For over 20 years, we've served Avalon, NJ and nearby areas, offering quality dental services with integrity, excellence, and innovation. We aim to always be respectful and trustworthy, and we're constantly involved in our community by attending local events and visiting schools to teach students about dental hygiene.

If you're looking to get Invisalign® aligners in Avalon, NJ, give us a call. You can reach us at (609) 536-4138, or if it's more convenient, you can message us on our website.