Teeth Whitening in Cape May Court House

Teeth Whitening

Sunshine Dentistry provides teeth whitening in Cape May Court House, NJ. Call 609-465-5415 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Teeth whitening can provide a dramatic difference in a short amount of time.

In-Office Whitening

ZOOM!® in-office whitening treatment uses a laser to facilitate the whitening process and allows your doctor to customize aspects of the treatment to each individual patient’s needs to provide the best possible results.  With Philips ZOOM!® in-office whitening , you can get up to eight shades whiter teeth in one 45-minute office visit.

Take Home Whitening

ZOOM!® take home whitening treatment offers patients a dramatically whiter smile in one to two weeks. During at-home treatment, patients will use a customized mouth guards to hold the specially formulated whitening gel against the teeth and wear the patients will wear as directed by our office until the desired results are achieved. Unlike over-the-counter options, Dr. Thomas will work hand in hand with you until you’re completely satisfied with your results.

What to Expect

The most common side effect with ZOOM!® whitening is tooth and gum sensitivity. We highly recommend that you brush with a sensitivity formula toothpaste like Fluoridex™ Daily Defense Sensitivity Relief for two weeks prior to whitening, and that you take ibuprofen on the day of your treatment.

Speak with our team to find out whether teeth whitening is an appropriate treatment for you and to also ensure that you use the correct concentration of whitening formula to provide the best results with the least possible side effects.

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